March 27 Meeting

Cincinnati Sports Club 6:30PM

Roses and Dahlias


Dahlias! The fabulous alternative companion flower to the rose! Leo Gray will explain why dahlias are so special and which ones will do well in Cincinnati.

Questions about Roses? When to prune, feed, move, or grow in pots. 

Cincinnati Sports Club

Grandin Room, Main Entrance 

3950 Red Bank Road

Cincinnati, OH 45227

6:30-8:30 PM  

April 24 Meeting

Cincinnati Sports Club. 6:30 PM

Come learn the secret to Beautiful Blooms:
Pruning and Fertilizing and ???

April is pruning month so come learn to prune for the best start possible for climber, shrubs and hybrid teas. 


What do the best rosarians do to produce fabulously healthy blooms? We have the fertilizer programs from he best in Ohio to share.

Rose Show at the Krohn

Saturday, June 10, 2023